42 under 42


Temple Bright was featured in the annual “42 under 42” list published by South West Business Insider magazine. The list sets out the editors’ view of the region’s 42 most promising entrepreneurs who are younger than 42.

We are the first ever lawyers to be included in the list. The following is an extract from the piece:

“Traditional law firms carry a lot of overhead. It dates from an era when those overheads were necessary, but technology has changed that,” says Tim Summers of law outfit Temple Bright in Bristol.

Summers and his co-founders, Justyn McIlhinney and James Howell, recently set up the practice but have already made headway. “The premise is simple: you get us, rather than someone junior in a bigger firm, and you get a competitive price because of our lower cost base.”

This article appeared in South West Business Insider on 20 September 2010.